Your bot may want to display a cool image when welcoming people to a Discord server. In this tutorial we’ll go over how to do that from scratch using Discord.JS and the WOKCommands package.

Corresponding Video Tutorial

The steps we will take

  1. Creating our project and connecting to MongoDB
  2. Creating a “!setWelcome” command to specify the welcome channel
  3. Creating a “!simJoin” command to simulate joins for testing
  4. Listening for new joins and sending a dynamic image

Creating our project and connecting to MongoDB

We’ll start off by creating a basic Node project, installing the required packages, and create the files/folders…

Canvas Tutorial for Beginners (HTML5 + JavaScript)

From time to time your website might need some creative touches. Using the <canvas> HTML5 tag is the best way to provide dynamic graphics for your users. In this article we’ll cover the basics of using canvas such as drawing rectangles and lines, as well as rendering images on the screen.

Corresponding video tutorial

Creating your project

There are a number of different ways to create a basic website. Throughout this tutorial we’ll be using a standard HTML, JS, and CSS file without any frameworks or libraries. The first step is to create the index.html

Continuous deployment is a fantastic system to automatically deploy your application to a production environment. In this article you’ll learn how to set up a CD pipeline to automatically deploy a React JS application.

Corresponding video tutorial.


Before you start you’ll need a React JS application with a Github repository, and an Amazon Web Services Account account. If you do not have a React application you can easily make one using create react app.

AWS Services

In this article I’ll be using three different AWS services:

  • S3 — Simple storage service, this will hold your React app’s files and will act as…

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I’m a full-stack software developer with over 12 years of experience. I was even able to sell my own small startup after living off of it for multiple years.

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